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Comprehensive Suite of In-Building Wireless Services


+10dB provides our customers with a completely seamless and transparent solution for all of their in-building wireless needs.  Our experience allows our team to provide customers with a single point of contact for all of their in-building wireless and DAS solutions - and further offers a complete support and maintenance package after the installation is complete to ensure your DAS is operating at peak performance.  By providing a single source for the implementation and support of DAS systems for Commercial and Public Safety, +10dB is making the addition of smart wireless solutions the smart choice for businesses, hospitals, educational institutions, and hospitality.  

Communication Tower
Pre-design Site Survey

+10dB provides a pre-design survey performed by an RF engineer to determine building construction materials, available IDF closets, available headend space, and any potential RF obstacles.  When working on a new construction site, a virtual survey can be completed using the 3-D model created in iBWave and reviewing the model with building engineers.


+10dB engineers are certified and excel at iBWave Design.  Our team provides the client with a 3-D building model detailing an in-depth propagation analysis for public safety, wireless carriers, wi-fi, or any number of comprehensive building solutions.

Installation Support & Carrier Coordination

+10dB can provide a full install of DAS to industry standards or can support your self-performed installation with project management and engineering support. In addition, +10dB can provide coordination services with the wireless carriers to obtain the appropriate signal source for your coverage and capacity needs.

Commissioning & Signal Source Integration 

One major service that +10dB can provide to our clients is to support your post installation turn up efforts by configuring DAS parameters and connecting the Carrier signal sources.  Utilizing the engineering and project management expertise of +10dB, your DAS installation is seamless.

Data Collection

+10dB offers pre-design benchmark testing to our clients.  This onsite testing documents in detail the current RF environment of a building.  This information is then used to determine the target coverage level for the design.  Additionally, we can perform post turn-up testing for the building utilizing User Equipment connected to a data collection platform to capture network performance metrics for the DAS.

Operation & Maintenance

+10dB offers comprehensive monitoring and maintenance of the DAS.  This service offering includes 24 x 7 network monitoring, remote access to site to address minor alarms, and field engineer dispatch as needed.  This ongoing service is gives you the ability to rest easy knowing your in-building system is functioning at peak performance.

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