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+10dB for Public Safety

The importance of reliable public safety wireless services inside buildings has never been more critical - and the need only continues to grow.  But buildings are inherently adverse to wireless signals and making wireless devices such as LMR and two-way communications and applications work consistently indoors, without interruption during times of critical importance, is a real challenge in today’s world. 


From design to commissioning, from equipment to deployment, from on-going support to testing and continued maintenance - the number of different moving pieces involved in a public safety DAS installation can be a difficult path to navigate at best.  That’s where +10dB comes in.

Why Choose +10dB For Public Safety

The team at +10dB addresses the complexity of creating a seamless wireless infrastructure.  Experts in deploying integrated Public Safety services and carrier coverage, our team will design, deploy, and commission your complete Distributed Antenna System (DAS) per the codes in your specific area.  Additionally, +10dB will provide annual testing and preventative maintenance, ensuring your system remains at peak performance when it counts.  As a single source for all of your in-building wireless needs, +10dB is not just the smart way to integrate public safety services, it’s ten times smarter.

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